Tahiti. Courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises

If you love to be out on the water,
expand your cruising ground and see the world!

Cruise ships come in all shapes, sizes, and price points!
Wake up in a new port everyday! Explore multiple destinations in one trip!
No lugging suitcases from hotel to hotel! Unpack only once!
Choose from a variety of onboard activities…. or none at all!
Cruises can offer romantic settings to reignite your relationship!
Socialize with like-minded travelers!
With a huge variety of activities, cruises are fabulous venues for multi-generational events!
Cruise vacations offer great value!

We match our clients with the right cruise for their travel style and needs.

 There are so many locations and routes to choose from! Let us find the best itinerary for you. We also coordinate your transfers and unique excursions to personalize your experience. 

It may be time to rethink your idea of cruises! Let us educate you about how the world of cruising has changed and the many options available! From expedition and boutique cruises focused on off the beaten path destinations to mega-ships that are destinations in themselves, we can find the right one for you.

There are so many compelling reasons to consider a cruise vacation:

Expedition Cruises

Many expedition cruises offer educational and scientific presentations. After exploring the remote destinations and hard-to-reach shores on Zodiac landing craft, passengers return to the comfort of their ship. Expedition vessels range in size from as few as a handful of passengers to nearly 400 guests. Sound Of The Sea Travel works to pair intrepid adventurers to the best fit expedition cruise brand and itinerary.

Led by highly trained guides, explore remote places on our planet on board an expedition vessel. 

Follow Charles Darwin to meet the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.

Head to the southernmost continent of Antarctica to cruise among massive glaciers and rugged mountain peaks while you observe the different species of penguins.

Get close up and personal as you experience the beauty of Alaska from a smaller expedition vessel.

Kayak between icebergs and learn about the Viking and Inuit cultures on an expedition cruise in the Arctic Circle.

River Cruises

Consider cruising the rivers of Europe to discover the unique architecture, cuisine, and cultures of each region.

Try something more exotic with a river cruise in Southeast Asia on the Mekong River in Vietnam or explore the ancient ruins hidden in the jungles of Cambodia at Angkor Wat.

Encounter giraffes, zebras, elephants, and other wildlife on a safari cruise in Africa.

Stand in awe at the Temples of Luxor and Avenue of the Sphinxes on the banks of the Nile River in Egypt.

Relaxed and intimate, river cruises are offered on nearly every continent.

There are so many destinations to visit from the comfort of your floating hotel as you glide down the rivers of our world. Sound Of The Sea Travel will match you with the river cruise brand and itinerary that best suits you.

Throughout history, rivers were central to developing civilizations so it’s no surprise that some of the most extraordinary sights are best accessed by these waterways.

Luxury Cruises

Most include all beverages (including alcohol, premium coffees, and restocked mini-bars)

Shore excursions are included

Most offer ocean view cabins only

Many include gratuities

Exquisite dining, exceptional service, and spacious accommodations attract discerning travelers who enjoy the finest of everything.

The big picture: Luxury cruises often provide greater value:

Renowned chefs create unique dining experiences

Authentic port experiences

Smaller ships visit more exclusive or exotic ports

Higher crew to passenger ratio means proactive and personalized service

Small Ships, Barges, and Yacht Charters

There are many advantages to cruising on smaller ships, yacht charters or canal boats and barges:

“Good things come in small packages.” 

Access more remote destinations and ports of call

More options for shore landings and excursions

Flexible itineraries

Individualized attention and service

Avoid overcrowded tourist destinations

Fewer lines and crowds

Easier embarkation and debarkation

Intimate and friendly

You deserve an exceptional vacation.

 Let's start planning!