Wanderlust and the adventurous spirit go hand in hand with an inquisitive mind. 

Whether you’ve been an avid traveler, a wishful dreamer, or a former globetrotter, it’s time to revive the excitement that travel can inspire. Sound Of The Sea Travel plans vacations that feature unique, authentic experiences rather than crowded, staged tours.

We complete extensive research to find the perfect match for our client's travel dreams and cater to their personal preferences. We design seamless travel experiences for couples, groups, or solo travelers who are busy enjoying active lives full of family and friends. 


Our goal is to keep you exploring, learning, adventuring, relaxing, socializing, and discovering!

Hi! I’m Danielle Fellin Bunzel

I took my first cruise in the Mediterranean at age 15 and have been excited about traveling ever since. With a deep interest in culture and history, I focus my travels on authentic experiences. My clients often share my love for learning and agree that travel provides the most interesting and enriching classroom.

My previous careers include higher education administration, college admissions, and elementary education. Sound Of The Sea Travel blends my passion for teaching and learning with my love for travel. During my professional life I have dedicated my detail-oriented organizational skills to serving students, families, and now travelers, in their pursuit of learning and enrichment.


Travel Advisor and Owner

I have led small group canal boat trips through the canals of the Veneto region in Italy and through the medieval towns and vineyards along the Canal du Midi in France. As a resident of Washington State, I spend most summers boating in the Pacific Northwest, including the San Juan Islands, British Columbia, and Alaska. Winter and Spring often find me yachting in the British Virgin Islands or cruising in the Caribbean. 

I would love to chat with you about your travel dreams and how we can fulfill them. After a short conversation I am sure I will have a few intriguing ideas for you to consider.   

I love being on or near the water!

Let us do the heavy lifting of vacation planning for you! 

We complete extensive research to fulfill your travel goals and pride ourselves on our exquisite attention to detail. Our dedication to our clients means we provide impeccable attention to detail in every aspect of the trip, leaving no room for disappointment or unwelcome surprises. 


A few of my favorite adventures

I love the warm sunshine of the Caribbean. One of my favorite vacations is island hopping on a chartered catamaran or being pampered on a small cruise ship in the British Virgin Islands.

A favorite activity there is swimming in the stunning Devil’s Bay after climbing through the rock formations at the Baths on Virgin Gorda. A new favorite in the Caribbean is snorkeling through colorful reefs in the turquoise waters of Curacao and enjoying the charming pastel-colored historical buildings of the Dutch island.



By private yacht or a luxury cruise ship, Alaska never disappoints!

● Seals lounging on drifting icebergs that glow with an unbelievable shade of blue
● Soaring eagles
● The excitement of whale sightings
● Jagged mountain peaks
● Cascading waterfalls
● Magnificent glaciers
● Learning about the unique culture of indigenous people

I always return home humbled by the beauty and vastness of our country's largest state.



I could spend months exploring Italy! We unpacked once in beautiful Sorrento and for almost two weeks we explored the region with day trips. We took ferries to the quaint seaside villages of Amalfi, Positano, and the islands of Capri and Ischia. While on Ischia, we explored the ruins of the medieval island castle, Aragonese. By train, we visited the archeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum and were captivated by the history and stories told by our charismatic tour guides. Of course, a few days of relaxing at a local beach club, seafood cuisine, authentic pizza in Naples, and sipping Limoncello added to the experience. For me, history, culture, the ocean, good food, and fine wine is a perfect vacation!


Sorrento, Italy


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